New Hope Church

Pastor’s Message

New Hope Church!

November, 2020

Dear New Hope Church community,

Our Sunday School and Bible Study continues as we continue to move forward in the face of the corona virus issue.
Word of New Hope Bible Study is every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. We are currently ending our study of 2 Peter and will begin studying the Gospel of Mark.
Sunday School starts at 9:45am each Sunday before Worship Service
Experiencing God Saturday Study ends December 5.
Christmas Concert December 19, 7:00pm.
…and more to come!

We are OPEN FOR WORSHIP each and every Sunday and encourage you to come worship with us. Below are the procedures we undertake to keep safe…

New Hope Church is Worship Service COVID-19 Guidelines:

We continue as before with respectful, reasonable guidelines in effect following “suggested” guidelines which are left to each individual church to implement as they see fit. So here is what you can expect this through this current struggle:

Social Distancing:  seating will be every other row and each individual shall abide by 6-foot distancing and does not apply to families or those who currently share living space.

Face masks:  encouraged and left to the discretion of each individual. Please bring your own.  We will also have a supply for those who forgot, if needed.

Disinfecting Guidelines:  we will keep a safe and clean environment; floors swept and cleaned, as well as doors, handles, pews, nursery, bathrooms cleaned before and after service according to CDC guidelines. Sanitizer bottles will be available throughout the building for your use.

Greeting Time:  stay in place and greet those around you without touching.

Communion:  the juice and bread will be dispensed in individual cups.

Nursery:  available to parents with infant/toddler children as necessary

Offering:  offering plates will be available for you at the sanctuary entrances and ushers will hold the plates during offering times.

Live Stream:  live stream service starting at 11:15 every Sunday.

As time goes by we are sure to adjust these self-imposed guidelines as the covid-19 situation continues to unfold.
God bless you all,

Pastor Tom Bellhy